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Morgan Phillips


Bachelors Degree

The College of Charleston 2015


Our Vision:

Is to provide young men of color with the proper tools needed to succeed on the field and off.


For 2 decades The HBHA has taken at-risk youth and placed them in some of this nations best universities.


We've built a legacy of academic and athletic excellence and plan on carrying on this legacy for many years to come.

We are proud that our players are MLB players as well as World Series Winners

But we know that education is your freedom, and we know that when a young man of color gets a quality college education he is 95% to make more money and be gainfully employed and also own his own business in his lifetime than a person without a degree.

We will not stop poverty or disenfranchisement until we own the franchise ourselves?

Our goal is to send more young black and brown and disadvantaged men to college than through the criminal justice system.


Change the lives of as many young men as we can.


How It Began

In 2004 The Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy was born


Taking 25 unheralded kids and 4 years later in 2008 they would have their first major league draft pick in Jean Carlos Rodriquez (Taken In the 10th Rd by The Philadelphia Phillies


In between that first draft pick their members have won 4 Division I NCAA National   

Baseball Championships.


5 Gatorade New York State Players of The Year

Over 50 Perfect Game and Under-Amour All-American Selections


HBHA members have won had members win a 2018 World Series 

All-Star Game Selections


American League Championships Series MVP (2018)


And Gold Glove Award Winners (2018)


6 HBHA members have been selected to Team-USA to represent the United States In international play winning Gold medals

In Japan, Taipei, and Mexico.


40 MLB draft picks

The 39th pick is Quentin Holmes 2nd round selection Cleveland Indians and the 40th pick of the Academy is

Kai Nelson who was selected by The Washington Nationals 


HBHA history is just as impressive as out of 250 players we have sent to college we have had 250 players graduate we have never lost a kid.


We at this moment have Doctors and Lawyers,several MBA candidates,Police officers and future business owners.


We are very proud that our kids have graduated from schools so diverse as Georgetown,John Hopkins ,Bucknell University,Princeton,University of Pennsylvania Morehouse College Savannah State, Virginia State University, University of South Carolina,Stanford University Just to name a few.


Our history is one of athletic excellence as well as academic excellence and both can exist and do exist in the Village of Harlem at the Harlem Baseball Hitting Academy

I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I knew what hard work meant. Mr. Youman made me work harder than I ever knew I could. Now, I apply that same mindset to everything I do in life.

Victor Rosario

Bachelor of Science 2016

Temple University

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